Aloha, I'd like to welcome you to my system. 👋

Introducing the Official Vocabulary System! 🥁
This is a system that I've fully coded with Express.JS and Node.JS that allows you to input a word at our form below and it will return to you the following searched content which are:

  • The meaning of the word along with its part of speech.
  • The synonym of the word.
  • The antonym of the word.
  • The derivatives of the word along with its part of speech.
  • Examples of the word in a sentence.
  • The translation of the word to the language of your choice which can be configured via the settings of the system.
  • The pronounciation of the word via a voice recording.

Ready to try the system?
Feel free to check out the system by trying it below.

Try it out

You may input your words at here. Moreover, you can input multiple words at a time like this: (Happy Sad Angry), excluding the need of commas.

Note: The system, itself, will take 15 seconds to load all the information. However, abuse of this system will get your IP blacklisted.